Top Three Actions by Topics (small groups)

Top Three Actions by Topic Groups

Lifestyle changes to reduce carbon footprint

  1. Food-diet change on a sliding scale (meatless mondays); Eat more homegrown food; support local farmers/CSAs (buy, volunteer, advertise); Unpackaged; community gardening
  2. Energy Efficiency-Line dry clothes; home energy upgrades; transportation (biking, carpool, public, walking)
  3. Local/Community Actions-Community events/education; work with local gov and school boards to increase efficiency and awareness; community gardening


Communicating about climate change

  1. Use existing networks to highlight local success through field trips and community days.
  2. Use festivals with art, music and food and relate them to climate activism.
  3. Increase experiential learning for K-12 and higher education activism, focused on climate change.


Informing Government Policy and Action

  1. Grassroots lobbying group to attend local governmental meetings to inform and pressure area communities to register and obtain climate smart certifications. A)Attend and educate. B) Apply persistent pressure to follow through.
  2. Outreach and education of local communities to inform residents of current incentives and opportunities for renewable energy development.
  3. Replacing Tax based credits with direct subsidies and grants. Tax breaks are ineffective for low to middle income communities that pay little in taxes as it is.


Climate Change in the Marketplace

  1. P.S. A. public education initiatives about green products, activities, programs etc.
  2. Local excise taxes on gasoline/carbon sources to partially off-set more regressive municipal taxes.
  3. Solar power investments from municipalities, business and residents.