Session Descriptions

 Staying Engaged with Climate Change Action: Even When it is Tough

We need all hands on deck to address climate change. We need to work together both in our personal spheres and in policy. But being engaged can often feel overwhelming. Sometimes we fail to notice or take action because it is too difficult to face the seriousness of the situation. However, we can take care of ourselves and our friends and build the resilience necessary to stay engaged and be fulfilled personally, even as we work to fight climate change and seek environmental justice. This is the focus of this session – the science of sustained engagement.

The Transition of a Traditional Electric Utility Company to an Innovative Energy Service Provider

An insider’s look at the changes occurring as a result of Green Mountain Power’s transition to an energy services provider for the future. The focus moves away from the traditional utility infrastructure and embraces sustainability, resilience, and community building throughout the process.

Music and Climate Change

Music has been an inspiring companion to social movements throughout history. Marches and music in the civil rights movement, anti-war movement, and environmental movement co-created a sustaining synergy for all. What will the anthem of our activism sound like, feel like, be like?  Join us in a reinvigoration of American Folk for social change through poetry in lyrics and music that raise awareness of climate change and social activism.

Local Community Action to Address Climate Change Now and in the Future

What can local government officials do to facilitate climate solutions? What barriers do they face in doing so? And what can citizens do to help officials move forward?

Relocalization of Production & Evolutionary Culture Design in an “America First” World

Let’s keep our eyes on the prize and not be distracted. Let us remain focused, not only on surviving the current presidential administration, but on building the foundation for thriving in the oil-constrained future on the horizon. We have choices. We can choose to purposefully live into the relocalization of production to meet our basic needs wherever we are. This is the “outer work” which is all the more imperative for the most vulnerable and marginalized among us who are scapegoats in an unabashedly, “America First,” world. Yet in the final analysis, internal self-transformation is the engine of authentic social change, and it is the quality of our relationships that will get humanity through the eye of the climate change needle.

 Student Panel

Students from around our region will report on their climate initiatives and provide insight into their sustainability priorities. Education has the strong potential to be seed regional solutions, and student energy can help these seeds grow.

The Role of the Media

Media play crucial roles in informing the public about regional issues and shaping public opinion. Where public opinion is deeply divided, newspapers have to provide balanced coverage while also presenting the facts. Ken Tingley will present an insider’s view of how newspapers make decisions about how to present climate change information, what editorials papers will run, and how citizens can influence media to build powerful regional stories about climate solutions.