October Conference 2018


On October 27, 2018 we hosted a fall conference at the Silver Bay Association, Silver Bay, NY.  This wonderful event was well attended and we’re grateful for the caring individuals who helped make this event such a great success. Thank you. Below is our conference description.

Silver Bay YMCANorth Country Climate Reality (NCCR), is inviting Adirondack residents and others to learn, plan and network in preparation for climate change’s growing impacts on the Adirondacks. We hope to help future generations adapt and flourish in a changing Adirondack Park. For individual presentation descriptions, please see the “Session Descriptions” tab in the above October 2018 conference menu.

The following are our three conference strands:

Impact of Current Climate Fluctuations: How have many heretofore unknown diseases and invasive species spread into our region, and what can be done to reduce such threats? How will year-round tourist attractions such as winter sports, Autumnal “leaf-peepers”, and summer activities be impacted by increasing periods of adverse weather, reduced snowpack, and harmful algal blooms? How can communities create “sustainable” economic growth while preparing for the influx of inevitable human population shifts due to forced migration and globally shifting food production areas? How are “native” flora and fauna changing as a result of severe weather, flooding from altered precipitation patterns, and wildfires that destroy our collective livable habitats?

Building a Future We Want in the Adirondacks: What are the key economic, cultural, and geopolitical trends we are seeing in the Adirondacks, and how will we react to these trends? What can be done now to move towards a vision of the Adirondacks that sustains what we love about the region while adapting to current realities? The audience will be challenged to join together to promote actions today that build toward a shared vision for our region.

Disaster Preparedness: How will our local communities provide shelter, food, water, available energies, and multiple-format communications in the event of a natural disaster such flood, wildfire, severe weather, drought, earthquake or other catastrophic event? How must our infrastructure change given our warming climate?

We need your support. If you’d like to make a donation to this worthy cause, please see the information below.

Letter to our sponsors.

For further information contact:
Stephen Danna, Dean, SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury (518-792-5425)
Linda Kasal Fusco, Conference Committee Chair (914-380-2130)

One thought on “October Conference 2018

  1. We must replace the fossil fuel backed political leadership at the POTUS, and in kind, level with a supportive GHG/Carbon Dioxide mitigation POTUS and congressional support. PERIOD!


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