Session Descriptions

Word Art Blue Line for Print editedNorth Country Climate Reality (NCCR), is inviting Adirondack residents and others to learn, plan and network in preparation for climate change’s growing impacts on the Adirondacks. We hope to help future generations adapt and flourish in a changing Adirondack Park. Individual session descriptions will be forthcoming.
The following are our three conference strands:
(1) Disaster preparedness: How will communities provide shelter, food, electricity, and communication in the event of a natural disaster (flood, wildfire, severe weather, drought)? How must infrastructure change given our changing climate?
(2) Impact of Current Climate Fluctuations: How have Lyme and other diseases spread into our region, and what can be done to reduce such threats? How will year-round tourist attractions such as winter sports (snowmobiling, skiing, ice fishing), fall foliage, and summer activities (camping, water skiing, sailing, …) be impacted by increasing periods of elevated temperatures and adverse weather? How can communities create “sustainable” economic growth while preparing for the “influx” of human population shifts from megastorms, flooding, and wildfires in inhabited areas (NYS and/or USA)?
(3) Adirondack Past and Future 2043: How has the Adirondack climate changed over time, and what does the future look like in a warmer Adirondack Park? How can virtual reality modeling of the Adirondack park, Science labs for 21st century schools, and other tools help prepare communities understand the changes yet to come?